Priory Archaeology

There have been a number of archaeological projects around the Priory over the years.

A geophysical survey of the glebe field to the east of the Priory Church was undertaken in 2014. This work was undertaken by Durham University. The project was sponsored by the Friends with generous assistance from the Fallago Environment Fund and the AES Drone Hill Community Fund.

The Durham University reports suggest that some excavation work may yield yet more evidence of early settlement.

The reports can be downloaded. There is a desk based research report and a separate report on the gephysical survey results.

Prior to detailed planning for archaeological excavations, a metal detecting survey was undertaken in September 2015 with the kind permission of the Church of Scotland. This produced many artefacts, some medieval. You can download the Report on the Metal Detecting Survey below.

August 2016 and we have a new brief report from Peter Ryder of the slabs bearing crosses that are displayed in the Priory grounds. The Report can be viewed below.

Below are some images from the metal detecting day, courtesy of Peter Wright, who also gave his permission for the work as the tenant farmer on the Glebe.

3533 Coldingham Borders GEO

3537 Coldingham Borders DBA

Metal Detecting001